Mineralmarmo® is an eternal material

Ordinary cleaning

‏Daily cleaning of mineralmarmo products can be done using soapy water or common detergents. The use of anti-limescale products is also allowed.
‏Rinse thoroughly after using cleaning products.

Extraordinary cleaning

Restoration of burns
‏Wipe the affected area with a clean, dry cloth
‏Now, sand with P1200 sandpaper
‏With polishing paste and a cotton cloth, we treat the area affected by the burn.

‏Restoration of persistent stains: ink.
‏Remove the excess with a cotton cloth.
‏Now polish with some polishing paste and a cotton cloth.

‏Restoration of persistent stains: nail polish.
‏Remove excess polish using a cloth soaked in nail polish remover.
‏Now clean with polishing paste and a cotton cloth.

‏Restoration of persistent stains: hair dye.
‏Remove excess dye with a cotton cloth.
‏Now clean with polishing paste and a cotton cloth.

‏Restoration of scratches.
‏This procedure requires the use of three different types of abrasive paper.
‏First sand the affected area with P800 sandpaper.
‏Then treat it with P1000 sandpaper.
‏Finally, sand with P1200 sandpaper.
‏Now remove the excess with a cotton cloth.
‏Clean vigorously with polishing paste and a clean cloth.

‏We do not recommend the use of hot objects, metal scrapers and spatulas, metal sponges, aggressive chemical solvents, acids or strong bases,

Scratch restoration on shower tray

‏To restore a scratch on the mineralmarmo shower tray, it will be sufficient to use a repairing pen.
‏Shake well before use and press the tip until the lacquer begins to come out. Now pass the affected area by covering the scratch with the lacquer.

Comparison stain test

‏Let’s see how our shower trays behave compared to those of the competition in the case of persistent stains.

How to remedy any damage

Some improper uses can cause visible defects on the surface: remedying signs of wear, scratches, stubborn stains and chips is often possible with simple extraordinary maintenance. If the technical enamel film has not been damaged in all its thickness, it is possible to remedy scratches, stubborn stains and small chips by sanding the surface with 800 and then 1000 abrasive paper, until the surface is uniform.

To then restore the original shine (or to remove signs of wear, limescale deposits) use polishing paste or polish: the products used for polishing car bodies are recommended, used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Products suitable for Mineralmarmo®

Cream or liquid detergents that not contain micro-granules that abrade the surface.

Quickly rinsed denatured ethyl alcohol

Prodotti NON adatti al Mineralmarmo®

Solvents such as acetone or trichlorethylene and other harsh chemicals

Aggressive chemicals such as muriatic acid and caustic soda

Industrial cleaners whose aggressiveness is unknown

Substances for gushing sinks

Solvents used in the painting industry

How to prevent damage

For cleaning, avoid the use of detergents and abrasive sponges. Do not use metal scrapers. This product has good heat resistance, however avoid placing hot objects on the surface or draining hot liquids.

The use of aggressive chemical solvents such as acetone, trichlorethylene, solvents, acids and strong bases is not recommended. Some substances such as ink, cosmetics and dyes can release dyes on the surface: prevent them from coming into contact with the surface. Do not place lit cigarettes, do not cut directly on the surface.

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