For years we have anticipated and developed market trends in collaboration with the most innovative brands and best designers.

Our history

20 years of constant growth in the world of bathroom furnishings


Nicos international spa was born in Albina di Gaiarine, from the ashes of a company that produced polyurethane elements for furniture


The material is created and patented as mineral marble by nicos international spa for the production of living room furniture components


The mineral-marble material for the production of consoles and tops for living room and bedroom furniture with the colors of veined marble


The mineral-marble material is tested in its white color with a new performing gelcoat for the production of bathroom sinks


Nicos international spa moves to the Portobuffolè TV headquarters


Nicos international spa builds BULSAN in Bulgaria where it invests in a new production line for mineral marble


Numerous projects in mineral marble are carried out for INDA


Many new projects in mineral marble are carried out for all Italian bathroom furnishing companies such as IDEA, Puntotre, Meroni, Mobilduenne, Mobiltesino, Rifra, Arca


The first standard products such as EASY, STEP and QUADRO are produced


New standard products are created, including the best seller PLANO


The new fully automated Italian production line is born and polyester resins, which previously were only of fossil origin, are replaced by recycled PET-based resins